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Business Applications are the computing programs that are installed on servers and workstations that allow your company’s end users to access and manipulate the data within your corporate IT environment. Choosing the right applications will help your company improve its overall productivity and help it gain a technological edge over its competitors. Because there are so many business applications to choose from, an experienced IT consulting firm like Technetium can help you identify which programs will best meet your corporate IT needs.

Technetium, an IT support company that has been providing IT outsourcing services to small and medium businesses for more than a decade, has worked with thousands of clients, helping them to choose the best business applications for their unique corporate needs. As such, Technetium has more experience than many other IT consulting services providers with most business applications available and can help your corporation choose the best applications to meet its unique needs.

Business Applications in General

Business applications can be broken down into two major categories: server and workstation. While server applications are not directly used by end users, they can significantly influence the ease of access to services offered by business servers, and ultimately, they are very important to your company’s overall productivity. Workstation applications are equally important and need to be chosen with consideration for their functionality and ease of use. Both categories of applications can be hosted on individual machines (i.e. server or workstation), virtualized on servers, or be delivered from the web as SaaS (software as a service).

Server Applications

Server Applications distribute data and services to your company’s end users and do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to data crunching. Server applications also enable your users to centrally store and dynamically share client data, documents, database information, etc. Many IT outsourcing providers agree that four of the most popular server-level business applications are as follows:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a server application that will help your corporation manage clients and sales prospects while giving users access to project management tools and other useful features.
  • MS Exchange is recognized by many IT services providers as the leading email mail distribution application to help your company communicate efficiently.
  • MS SharePoint is a customizable collaboration platform that makes it easy for your business’ staff to work together, manage documents, and share date with other users, partners, and vendors.
  • MS SQL is a popular application that will help your business store, process, and analyze corporate data.

Workstation Applications

Workstation applications are the primary applications that your end-users will use on a daily basis. IT companies suggest that the best workstation applications should be intuitive, user friendly workstation applications that will help your users get their jobs done more efficiently. The most popular workstation applications focus on the following areas:

  • Locally installed productivity applications are end user applications that can be installed on individual workstations or virtualized on a local server. Popular workstation software selections include word processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation applications.
  • Specialized applications such as financial programs or industry specific programs like AutoCAD will help your company’s end users efficiently complete tasks that could take hours, if not days, to complete by hand.
  • Web-based applications offer some of the preferred productivity and specialized applications that users need, but instead of being installed locally, are hosted offsite and delivered through a secure web-portal.

How we Can Help

Because choosing the best business applications for your corporate server and workstation needs can be difficult, Technetium advises that you consult with IT outsourcing experts that have had years of experience working with the different applications. To learn more about the best business applications for your business, please contact the IT experts at Technetium.

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